Thursday, April 28, 2011


               Life is not easy but we have to look at all the blessing we have, then we will cherish life more. What are you thankful for? its not always about Money. I am thankful to still have both of my parents on this earth, i am thankful to have my nanas here still. I am thankful for my brother Jermaine and his son Lance. I wake up to my beautiful puppy Gizmoe who is in perfect health lol that just  got his teeth cleaned and two teeth pulled the other day lol. I am thankful for Q for always being there and supporting me in all I do. I am thankful for my great friends that are breath of fresh air when it feels like no one cares. So you see its the little things that make life worth living and very special. No amount of money, Or doing magazines  in the world can compare to what they are and how they make me feel inside. I thank God for the great people in my life, they never left my side but the ones not good for me God removed them from my life. What are you thankful for?

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