Friday, April 13, 2012


                  Hello everyone this is going to be a quick up date for fun but very real,  ok lets start, why are people so worried about other people now in days?? people that don't even know them? HELLO get a life lol I find the internet sickos to be the craziest  lol how do people speak on other people that they don't know personally like they have met them in person or had a phone convo with them or know them or there family? say it with me (obsessed sickos lol) why are people worried about another persons race/mixture? don't worry about it its not hurting u because of what they are, hmmm or is it because you are jealous? may be a question you may want to ask your self then seek help. Then you have the people that do know the person not really on a personal level  but still worrying about that persons every move.  Lol if you put all that energy that you put in worrying about another person, applied it to your life you would be unstoppable lol You may even have so much going on you don't have the time to worry about someone else(MESSAGE!) so with that said get a clue do u and stop worrying about other people and get a life! a life outside of the internet! a life out side of who's butt is bigger than who's! who dresses better ! who looks better! who has more money! GET A LIFE SO YOU CAN DO MORE WITH YOUR LIFE INSTEAD OF WORRYING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSES LOL that's all kids until next time worry about yourself:) lol

Friday, April 6, 2012


      How do I begin, what happen to young Trayvon is beyond sad, but its a wake up call to lets us know that we have not come that far from the days of Malcom X and Dr King. Where does his family find justice? from the law or from us? For the last few weeks all kinds of rally's have taken place for Trayvon, I even went to a rally with two of my best friends Quaron and Bre. It felt good to stand for something worth standing for(Trayvon), but what has it accomplished for Trayvon or his family? Trayvon's killer is still free,  breathing able to sleep at night in a warm bed,  Able to think about the wrong choices he made, while Trayon is 6 feet under dirt, not able to have a voice in the matter. When will Trayvon finally get his justice? You cant help but look at the situation and say if Trayon had been a under aged teen and had killed his killer would he have been in jail although his reason for shooting was self defense? My answer is YES , because Trayvons dad wasn't a judge also he wouldn't have people on the inside covering up the facts. Trayvons killer  even has supporters, how can you support a man that killed a child, A child with candy and tea, how can anyone with a soul justify this? Any time the media brings up what Trayon had done in school that week or brings up that he looked much older than the picture the news flashes of him lets us know that we live in a very evil corrupted world. The fact of the matter is Trayon was stalked because he was black, if trayvon had been a white teen male in the same neighborhood would the story had ended the same with his cold blooded killer? Even if Trayvons killer does finally go to jail, Trayvon  is not coming back, he lost his life, a life that he could have  become all of the things he dreamed of being but it was ripped away from him from a adult who thought he was a bad person because he was black with a hoody on. So will Trayvon or we as the face of Trayvon ever have justice? Don't ever for get Trayvon, Trayvon represents more than snapping pictures in a hoody TRAYVON represents you -me and the future to come. LET OUR CHILDREN GROW