Sunday, May 15, 2011


       I  think that alot of women now in days want to be a urban model, but do they know the truth in it? when i was a child i always thought real models where COVER GIRLS,  JC PENNY MODELS, MODELS THAT MODEL CLOTHES OR MAKEUP and i still do. The urban model game is a great start to get a feel of the business, to see its not always what it seems. I use to look at these girls on the cover of these magazines and think wow she doing it lol until i start doing them to. I just want to let young girls know sometimes things are not what they seem, when  you are hot in this game everybody wants to work with you, and once your time is up they move on to the next young hot girl. There are new girls coming out all the time  going after  the same title the NEW IT GIRL. Urban modeling  is not really based off of looks as you can see, its more so based off the girl that can HUSTLE, and put her self out there in any way. She may even be linked to someone that is a rapper or actor and all the sudden she is on every web site and booked for everything??  REALLY um yeah how about those nicks lol Sometimes she is willing to do way more than the next girl. What ever the story everyone has a story. Being a urban model  does not make you a star in my eyes a person with talents, that are paid to display there talents are the real stars. Being a urban model is a great jump start with a quick ending, so you have to be smart and not get the big head, and realize this is a business and most people like you while you can make them money. Once thats over you may never hear from these people again so know who is loyal and a REAL FRIEND in this business. Never take anything personal go into it with a open mind and a set time  frame. Make your money leave your mark and move on, because they will move on from you ready or not.

Monday, May 9, 2011


         Ok so we all get break outs, there is no getting around it, it can come from stress from eating greasy foods not drinking enough water to flush out the bad lol. Or  flat out using the wrong things on our skin. If you have breaks outs in sometimes leaves blackspots behind, and we hate that it doesnt look good. What has been working for me to get rid of any trace of that is CHEMICAL PEELS, i get them every  other 3 months. It removes the bad skin by allowing it to peel off to reveal fresh beautiful skin.They are great your skin looks better after just one session. But if you dont want to spend the money here are a few things i found that do the same thing and is cheaper. When you first get a blemish that looks like it may scar, put NEOSPORIN on it as soon as it starts. Another great way to get rid of a zit scar is to wash your face with a facial wash, then cut a lemon and rub it on the scar, leave it on for 20 mins, then rinse your face and use a face cream. But while using the lemon avoid the sun  DONT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH OUT SUN BLOCK. This will help fade marks over time. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


               As women we always say we want a  good man, then when we claim we cant find one we say there are no good men left. There are good men in this world, but as women we tend to look pass them for someone that doesnt deserve our love or time. Good men are everywhere they may even be the person that has been just your home boy all these years, he is the man that cares and knows you better than you know yourself, his love for you truely started from being friends. But women never see him how he sees her, she looks pass him for the BAD BOY the one she is no more than a option to, he barely calls her, he only wants to see her when he has nothing else to do and is board out of his mind. But for some reason she adores him and wants to be with this man, is stressed over him. hell she thinks she loves him. Then he really breakes her heart and she acts like,  OH MY HOW COULD HE DO THIS, girl you seen all the signs but you chose to play the fool so dont act shocked. Good men love you for who you are, want to be around you even when they arent getting any lol they just love spending time with you, or hearing your voice on the phone. This is the man that deserves all your time and love, he shouldnt have to wait until you have been to your breaking point of being hurt to have you. These kind of men are not everywhere but they are there, stop letting your vision be blurred OPEN YOUR EYES.