Wednesday, April 27, 2011


  Lets address a few things on being a hater, just because you dont like someone doesnt mean you are a hater. If they gave you a REASON not to like them, and you two dont get a long thats not being a hater. Now you are a hater if you dont like someone and you have no real reason not to like them, because then it questions why dont you like this person, do they make you insecure? what is it? You are a Hater if you go out of your way to speak negative or comment on someone that most people like or respect. The though of people giving them props boils your blood, so you go out of your way to downgrade them you are a hater. Haters watch a persons every move then judge them and look for the bad and go out there way to show it to others. Thats a full time hater lol this hater has a hard job lol. Haters care more about you then people who like you (sad right) then the first thing a hater says is (iam not hating i am just giving my opinion. Like my mother always said, sometimes if you have nothing good to say its better to  not say nothing at all. The real reason behind hate is insecure feelings toward the person they have made a target, Hating on another person is not ok, if you dont like them fine, but why do you have to make it known you dont like them if this person has never done anything to you?  The world is filed with so much hate its even on the internet, people blog and write comments about people just to downgrade them and what ever they do. My question is what does a person gain from this?  you could spend your time spreading love instead of hate :)


  1. So true hating is a complete waste of time. Time that could be spent upgrading yourself instead of hating on others Rogar that!

  2. true beautiful but that would be to much like doing right.