Sunday, January 22, 2012


If you do this i hate to break the news you are a hater:(
(1) if you go out your way to speak negative about someone when people are speaking positive about the person.
(2) if all you do is sub tweet about the person but say oh i am not a hater but i am keeping it real lol
(3) if you go under fake names when you see this person posted on sites to hate but you don't have enough heart to say it with your real name.
(4) if you feel like you have something to prove to this person that does not even know you take breaths or doesn't really care if you do.
(5) if you try your best to discredit a person no matter how great they seem to others.
(6) If the thought of this person messes your day up, when u dont know this person on a personal level u are  not a hater u need real help from a doctor lol
(7) If you say a person is not all that but most people say they are  u may be hating lol
(8) if you point out peoples flaws every chance u get.
(9) down playing another person success

 Now if you realize you have done some of these things its ok the firs step is admitting you have a problem then u can began to seek real help because being a hater is very bad for your health.