Wednesday, May 4, 2011


               As women we always say we want a  good man, then when we claim we cant find one we say there are no good men left. There are good men in this world, but as women we tend to look pass them for someone that doesnt deserve our love or time. Good men are everywhere they may even be the person that has been just your home boy all these years, he is the man that cares and knows you better than you know yourself, his love for you truely started from being friends. But women never see him how he sees her, she looks pass him for the BAD BOY the one she is no more than a option to, he barely calls her, he only wants to see her when he has nothing else to do and is board out of his mind. But for some reason she adores him and wants to be with this man, is stressed over him. hell she thinks she loves him. Then he really breakes her heart and she acts like,  OH MY HOW COULD HE DO THIS, girl you seen all the signs but you chose to play the fool so dont act shocked. Good men love you for who you are, want to be around you even when they arent getting any lol they just love spending time with you, or hearing your voice on the phone. This is the man that deserves all your time and love, he shouldnt have to wait until you have been to your breaking point of being hurt to have you. These kind of men are not everywhere but they are there, stop letting your vision be blurred OPEN YOUR EYES.


  1. good point. its not easy either on the bad boy cuz he now have a girl that trying to kill him with love and kindness love that is not for him. its screwed both ways