Saturday, December 3, 2011


 Now in days people use the word love, i love you like they are saying a name. Real love does not hurt or make you question it, real love makes you feel secure with yourself. Real love is not a game, when someone really love you you will know it, Its a feeling, not just something that sounds good to say. Its the risk the person is willing to take with you, real love does not judge you or leave you for dead. Real love is loyal. It sounds easy? well the sad part is people spend there entire life looking for someone to realy love and that really loves them back, and most never find it no matter how hard they search. So they settle for what they call feel like love.You dont have to force someone to love you that really loves you, you dont have to beg them for help because they are already offering a helping hand. Real love is a beautiful feeling that sometimes only comes one time around in a life time, when someone really loves you they dont want to hurt you, your feelings matter to them. Though it all may sound simpple there  are people in relationships right now that cant say that this is the treatment that they are getting from the person they love.In the game of love you must study hard to past the test when it is put in front of you:)