Monday, May 12, 2014


        In the world we live in today many people look to be accepted by other's (meaning complete strangers). Let's all be honest we all want to be liked, If you say you don't you may be lying it's a part of human normally functions. But how far does it go? Many people change who they are just to get attention & to be liked by strangers. When it get's to this point many believe it has become a issue.  One thing about me Growing up I had a  Very strong Mother, all the women in my family had the same mentality as my Mother. As I look back on my up bringing I thank her. I began to Accept and Love who I was a long time ago, no matter what ANYONE else thought. Most of you know I have modeled for Magazine's etc, that right there alone took knowing who I really was to the next level. Why? because when you put yourself out there on a world display you will be judged. You will have many that love you including plenty that hate you lol it comes with the territory. So with that You know Mama must have raised me to be thick skinned lol for crying out loud I did Magazines that were sold in all stores being picked up daily by strangers. Here is what I have come to learn the more People that love you the more some people feel like they need to try to tear you down, you see it done to people all the time. When I step out my house I get alot of compliment's lol Now for some it goes to their head lol. For me it's cool I am humbled but I don't need people to VALIDATE me Never have. I have always loved me FOR ME, when I look in the mirror, what I have done in my life that is all the validation I need. When you Know who you really are you don't need to be told by other people. Their opinions will not have any effect on you rather positive or negative. In this life No matter how Smart you are, rich you are, beautiful you are,  you will experience both reaction's from people. You can not control it or stop it. This is why being real with yourself is very important to any human being on this planet. Knowing who you really are is powerful, when you give yourself to the world as you really are NO one can take your ability to be YOU away from you. They can not tell you anything about yourself that will affect you good or bad.  We all hold the power to what we allow to be consumed mentally. Yes be humbled by the great things that people say about you, but always remember you love you no matter what, even if those beautiful things were not being said about you. Knowing who you really are is very astonishing it sets the platform to where you are going in life, also what you will not allow in your life. You hold all the energy knowing who you really are is the first step to being amazingly great:)