Wednesday, December 11, 2013


     You guys always ask me to update my blog, well here you go and this is a Real topic that is mentioned alot in our time now. ARE WOMEN MORE INSECURE THAN MEN, OR ARE THE MEN? what do you think? what's your answer? well lets's compare the two. We will start with the MAN... Since the beginning of time Men have always had the role of being the provider. He is to always provide for his woman and family at any given cost. Now back several years ago this was a stressful job,  it is very much stressful today but with even more pressure, do to todays demand's from women also competing with other successful men. In this new generation if a man does not have money 9 out of 10 a woman is not interested in him. He could treat her like a queen with kind words, back rubs etc it's still not good enough, because if he does not buy her nice gifts, help her out with bills etc MOST women aren't looking at him as someone she can be with long term. She is probably not even taking him serious and has lost intrest in him quick. So with this kind of pressure to catch the attention of a woman a man may go out and put his freedom also his life in danger just to upgrade his status. Or he will pretend to have money just to attract a certain womens attention. This is like playing with FIRE because once she realizes he lied about what he had a woman is completely turned off and has lost all respect for the man. Wow That is a mans biggest possible insecure issue (his status and money). You see because a lot of women don't care about a mans looks as long as he has money  (sad truth) Now lets move on to the woman, Now several years ago a woman may have had insecurity's but they have nothing on today's women. You see a woman never had the role of being a provider, rather she was poor or a queen of egypt, her job was to raise the children and stand by her man. To support his decisions, take care of him sexually and pretty much she was worry free. But today's woman has a physical pressure, Because of rap songs, what the media says is beautiful or a (DIME) Alot of men expect all women to have big breast a small waist and a big butt. Hmmm now how is this even possible? most women are not Naturally built like that it has always been just a few here and there. Even the late Mailyn Monroe was rare back in her time because of her beauty and curvy body. She had a body that even alot of the black actress did not have back in those times. This is another reason why men went crazy over her, she was known for her curvy body. Plastic surgery was not at it's all  time high back then, It was something that alot of women may have wanted to do but were to ashamed to get it done. Now in days women are so pressured to have this body they will do anything to get it. Spend tons of money they really don't have just to compete with the woman that was born with it. Why? Because they see how men treat her, how they adore her, how they are willing to spend money on her, She is the cool female that ever man/ even some women lol want's a piece of. By doing all this just to stand out alot of women have lost their lives, or have been left with ugly scars mentally and physically. Then lets talk about how men claim to only like LIGHT SKIN women smdh. You see this on twitter, instagram, magazines, You hear it come out a man's mouth, You hear this in Rap songs by you favorite rapper. This is by all means sad and it takes US right back to the slavery days smdh, I have heard & seen men say this and I KNOW ALL OF YOU HAVE TO unless you have been living under a rock all your life, that they will take a light skin female over a brownskin female any day of the week. Or they think light skin females look better than brownskin females no matter what. REALLY?? I am a light skin Woman  here to tell you as you have seen me say on my TWITTER even in interviews several times that I have seen far more Beautiful Brownskin women in my life time then light skin woman. So why people always put lighter women on a pedestal is beyond me. My sister @ashlee_ray is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, I have been saying this for years!!1 and most of you if not all of you know this. Ashlee is a beautiful Brownskin woman, big slanted eyes, High cheek bones, a narrow nose with fully lips. Yes my dears this is her natural face, she has done nothing to it to gain this look (GOD DID THAT ) LOL Exotic at it's finnest. As beautiful as she is she has had Men tell her she is the first brownskin woman they ever found attractive, she is not a normal looking Brownskin woman, she is to exotic to be... WTH. Ashlee is very confident in herself so when she would tell me about men saying this to her I knew it did not bother her one bit, because she is very secure with herself. So who is most likely more insecure in the time we are in now? Men are always judged on the their status following the amount of money they have. Woman which all of us are beautiful in the skin we are in no matter the shade or size unfortunately have a heavy weight to carry to look a certain way. Where did theses demands come from?? I will leave you with this.... as women and men we all need to realize the amount of pressure we put on each other and stop this cycle! start accepting people for who they really are. Not making them feel like they need to reach a certain mark of  acceptance  to be considered something worth  adoring. We all need to do better at building each other up, letting people know it is the most beautiful thing to JUST BE YOU:)  being different from othere's is what makes us all special, when everything is alike it loses it's zest and meaning.