Tuesday, April 26, 2011


    Ok so what is going on with this red bottom craze? i have seen some pretty funny stories when it comes to red bottoms lol. You really have people thinking if they have on a pair of red bottoms they are better than other people or better yet it makes them look better  lol you have to be kidding me. Ok so let me say this my friends call me a label hore, but i am only going to go so far with it. I love whatever looks good, and with my curvs i cant wear most high ends brands because they are not made to fit women with curvs. I am more of a hand bag and shoe game person, oh and Diamonds with a nice pair of real diamond stud earrings u cant go wrong lol. I love all fashions like bcbg marc jacob channel rachel roy, gucci jimmy choo prada, juicey. You notice i havent said oh and my red bottoms?  i just gave you a list of some of the things in my closet and i didnt say RED BOTTOMS. I feel like if i find a pair of red bottoms i actually like i will get a pair, i have my own money to do so if i like, but am i going to buy a pair to keep up with suzie beth and april? HELL NO it kills me to see a girl buy a pair of red bottoms and hold her foot up in a picture to say hey look at me i have on red bottoms! lol to be honest thats the only way you can tell what they are because they look no diffrent that any of the other brands i named on the top. Next please dont be so quick to say you are better than someone because you spend 4K to look good. Like i have always said i rather be that bad chick that doesnt have to do that to look good that chick bad in whatever she wears. The clothes dont make you, you make the clothes. So dont think because you spend more you look better than someone who didnt that is a dum way of thinking.Because when you take it off who are you then??


  1. "The clothes dont make you, you make the clothes." well said. I find it REAL to hear a women's P.O.V. on this topic. Kudos on the blog, keep it going.

  2. ^ thank u sweety, yes people have it all wrong now in days and putting others down is getting out of hand. I wanted it to be known NO you are not better than someone because you feel the need to spend more to stand out or get attention. If you like to wear it fine, but it is not ok to think you are better because you do