Thursday, June 23, 2011


    We all want things to happen fast and easy, and most things that are really not that important or long term comes quick and easy and goes fast. In life as we grow older we will understand the term more better that quick is not always best for us. Have you ever rushed to make dinner and your food turned out nasty? but when you took time and effort the meal was great? have you ever got dress qick and rushed out the door and realized how terrible the outfit was? but it was to late you where stuck wearing it that day. Its just like our lives we rush into things and the fail quick. We rush into relationships and really dont know anything about the person we are in a relationship with, then we end up with regret. Life is short but dont rush every moment, they feel better when you take the time to rember what it felt like to get where you are, when you reach your goal. Or what you had to go through to find the perosn you are in love with that is inlove with you. The quick moments dont last, time building last forever and long term:)