Thursday, October 18, 2012


            The world has changed so much in the last few years, We thrive on being negative more than positive now. Why is that?  What has changed to make us so caught up in spreading bad news or even having a listening ear to bad news? Gossip is at its all time high, MEN are gossiping just at much as the women or more. Your own friends are quick to tell you something bad they heard or seen about you but aren't as quick to tell you the good things they have heard. It's not because they are a bad friend, it's because they have been trained to the way of the world without even giving it a second thought. Why do people get on websites and write long paragraphs about people they have never met tearing them down as if they harmed them or their family?  I guess this is what we have become, we find it to be very much normal. As a whole we don't understand what it does to our youth, they are watching and learning at a very young age to basically be negative, to hurt people with words also actions. We need to do better, if you are going to be a real role model be it all they way.  Lets try to help build each other up to see how it will up lift everyone's day, mood and spirit. Some people's confidence is shattered by what others say and do which lead to low self esteem. Lets work together to build each other up now for a better future.


  1. As black people, we are more conditioned to act or think negative because we embrace ignorance. Its like we as a people are dysfunctional. Being educated & talking proper are things we mock. It all starts at home. Religion sets a certain foundation for our beliefs but most Americans now don't attend church because the hypocrites that preaches the word. We idolize all of the wrong things when we arent supposed to be idolizing any way. We are out of tune with the each other & the earth. Money is the new religion. We are consumers & not taught to be entrepreneurs. They rule & control us by fear. Americas past has shaped our future & we don't make any time for ourselves to clear our minds & feed our spirit. We don't how to effectly feed our spirit so we are more lost than ever. This is why negativity is out weighing positivity. Knowledge is power.......PEACE!!!

  2. That negative spirit is the destroyer at work. Those of us who are blessed recognize him and do not let him enter into our hearts and minds.