Tuesday, August 28, 2012


           Hey Jamal I  am sending my love to you through time, dimensions and outer space, I never imagined that we would ever be this far apart. I am still not use to it, I don't think I ever will be. Right now I am just hoping that my Card finds you, we are so far apart but still so connected because of the greatest thing we shared LOVE. With that we will always find one another no matter where we both are. If you where still here on this earth today you would be planning a birthday party or cook out with all your Real friends. Then if a lot of people did not show up including me lol You would call me and say Wow people just don't care anymore. I would say like I always would tell u "Jamal as we get older its up to us to make ourselves happy, depending on other people for your happyness is a dead end. Jamal you really did have a heart of Gold you lived to pick others up when they where down, you always made anybody you came in contact with Smile. I know the celebration that is taking place  in HEAVEN today is bigger than any earthly party you have ever had. The Angles are performing  for you also your favorite Biggie aka Notorious lol. I know you had that set up for weeks now and you made him do your favorite song (SKYS THE LIMIT) Well carry on with the celebration, I just wanted you to know if my card does find you in the skys, I love you and miss you, meeting you Jamal was one of the best days of my life. I am thankful that you decided to be apart of my life, I do know one day we will  reunite again. Until then I keep you in my heart & soul for eternity.:) I love you enjoy Paradise in the sky.

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