Thursday, February 21, 2013


               It looks to me that we now live in a world that is so caught up on status they miss the bigger picture on what's important. Everyone is following what's hot even if they don't really think its hot, hmmm does that make sense? NO! when you fall into this trap you lose your Essence. You no longer have that glow that separates you from others. When it comes to Me I do just that Me lol I wear my real hair that is mid back length, I  have A ALL NATURAL BODY that at times can go up in down in weight lol oh well it makes me who I am.  I never wear makeup unless its lipgloss. That defines who I am it makes me different. When it comes to my fashion I wear what I think its cute. True as you can see I am really in to names but ONLY if I like the designer not because its what's hot. I will spend a couple of thousands on a designer hand bag but I cant see my self spending the same amount on shoes lol WHY? shoes are the dirties item we most likely own in our closet. They carry germs and hold bacteria lol Now I will spend a couple hundreds on shoes but thousands? every blue moon and the moon is not blue often lol.:) Enough of what makes me ME. I think Some people only do things a lot of times to seem cool, to fit in, or to seem the same as other's who are placed on high levels. When did just being yourself become so WRONG? The world is truly a place to learn your self along the way but losing yourself along the journey means you have failed life's lessons.  If you realize that everything in life will pass including you one day you wont be so quick to get caught up in the unnecessary events of today that won't matter tomorrow.

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