Monday, June 24, 2013


    Hello my lovely readers I am writing this due to a email I got on my blessings, about the world in general. Let me First start off saying I had to learn how to Love myself (sound weird right?  In middle school I was Highyellow, small framed With long curly hair and I felt that I looked weird.  As time went on with the help of my MOTHER and GOD I began to love who I was and accept myself how God made me, I never looked back from that point. Loving yourself sound's easy but is one of the hardest things to do, especially with all the unrealistic things that the world now pushes down America's throat as perfect, Physically and material wise. The truth of the matter is we are ALL PERFECT no two people were meant to be the same in any king of way, that is what makes us AMAZING:) Ok Lets talk about PLASTIC SURGERY (YES it is the most talked about thing now on the internet and in general period). Now about me I am 100 percent NATURAL, My body is not perfect, has never been perfect and will NEVER be perfect. I have gone from the body weight stages of skinny as a young child, to big as a young teen, to a size I was happy with to smaller to big again lol even bigger lol. Going through those stages were not supper easy mentally but since that love that had been planted in me by my Mom ( I thought who cares I am alive,live be happy lol) I want to say this I NEVER want to make any one feel bad that have had plastic surgery or wear's weave because they choose to. My thing is being who you REALLY ARE is the most beautiful version of yourself you can be. We aren't talking about people with Cancer that wear wigs etc. My Italian Grandmother has Cancer and she still doesn't wear wigs lol nana has a short hair cut lol That is her choice. Lets talk about material things, No it is not good to EVER FLASH YOUR BLESSINGS. Its almost like bragging because you never had something but finally do now. I will not sit here and lie as if I have never done it, unfortunately I did it due to being to humble never showing my blessing, having people question what I had when in reality its none of their business. So I fail for that trap, posted pictures of money cars and jewelry (basically saying just because I don't show it off doesn't mean I don't have it. There was no point in that because STRANGER'S OPINION of you should NEVER matter especial if its negative or they are guessing your life situations without knowing you on a personal level. If you live your life trying to prove facts about you to a bunch of STRANGERS you will be lost at sea never able to return. In this life people are going to talk negative about you for no REASON at all, or maybe because of some insecure issues they have with themselves, you will never know. Never pick your brain trying to find out  as long as you know the truth and who you are that is the only opinion that has any credibility. All this goes back to CAN YOU LOVE YOURSELF with all the negativity that surrounds this world now? My Mom & Dad has always taught me to be in this word but not of it( meaning live in this world but don't let the world become you. Never get attached to things that have no meaning in your world. I have to say thanks Mom & Dad because without your teachings of all the trails and dark valleys you knew I would cross in life I may have been consumed by this world.  So lets all practice together in loving our selves, instead of looking at what you don't have find things that you are grateful for that you do have. Don't measure your  happyness to someone else's blessings.  None of us have to look very hard to find that we all have so much to be happy and blessed about.:)


  1. I can truly understand where you are coming from Portia. I too had the same self-esteem issues. Although others see the greatness in me and other talents, I often saw my failures but learned that you have to become your own cheerleader. Thanks for that post very encourgaing.

  2. I'm finding that Living yourself is the single key to leading a fulfilling Life. It makes all worries of defeat, shame, lack of purpose, hate towards others, hate towards yourself disappear in almost a blink of the eye once you find and realize what that Love is. Loving yourself is honestly the best relationship you can have and it builds the confidence you need for your personal Life, business endeavors, spiritual healing and understanding. Loving yourself is more than just looking in the mirror and being happy with (all of our)beautiful faces, more you can do more than what the world or your society tell you can do and believing in yourself and then doing it! Love is awesome and I enjoyed this blog of yours. Peace, Love! :-)