Sunday, February 26, 2012


              Sorry you guys i know this is late, you have been asking me for my beauty update, well here it is nice and simple but very helpful.   Ok  for my face I have been using my Aveeno pore facial wash, it is amazing for getting deep in those pores. Next i use a Aveeno facial scrub once a week to remove dead skin, I use a sun block face lotion every day. HAIR HAIR HAIR since you all love my hair, thank you so much flattered you do. I use a sulfate FREE hair shampoo, as long as it doesn't have that and mostly all NATURAL ingredients it works for me. You can find those kind of shampoos at places like walgreens. Next i condition with organ oil conditioner, put in a leave in conditioner then seal with all Natural Olive Oil. When getting your hair healthy you want to make sure the products you are using does not have MINERAL OIL or PETROLEUM in it. These ingredients are very bad for ethic hair, it clogs the hair scalp and prevents moisture from getting into the hair strands. So be careful, read what you are buying. As you know i don't wear makeup unless i have to while working, it doesn't agree with my skin, when ever i have had to wear makeup by a hour later i am left with at least two white zits lol gross so for my makeup I like to wear lip gloss in a neutral color, i put olive oil on my eyelashes and I am ready to go.  There you guys i gave you the long waited update hope it helps you:)

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