Wednesday, July 20, 2011


                         This is by no means to bash men, but this has  been going on for a while,  when did men enjoy gossip so much? when did men hate on another women to a women to impress her? when did men make up things to say or repeat a convos  they had with another person?  I just have taken notice that some men have really changed when it comes to being a mans man. Take me as a example, when some men  want to impress me they talk bad about how they dont like  a women with weave  that wears makeup and fake eyelashes and has had plastic surgery. They belive in there mind this is going to impress me because i am the total opposite of that kind of women they are throwing under the bus, but to be real when you check the women they have dated in the past they have dated the exact kind of women they are screaming they dont like. (LAME)  When  a man wants to impress a women, be yourself and be real dont talk bad about a women to her, that looks catty and is not manly. Women look at men to protect them and make her feel beautiful in her skin to be loyal. Not to have the same kind of relationship she has with the girls.  If men dont go back to be a mans man we are all screwed, just like the world needs Good women  the world is doomed with out a Real Man.


  1. Hey Portia- I agree with where you're coming from, though I believe that gossiping in general shouldn't be accepted. Along the lines you explained in your post, I can understand why you frown upon men doing it. It's disgusting I agree.

    You should blog more often.


  2. Portia from what I have read you seem like a very smart and sweet person with outrageous beauty. thats a combination that everyone doesnt have the graces of receiving. I like your style babygirl.... fuck these haters!!!